Kambond Kijakazi by Kiromol

Female 'Lola'

14th July 1998
Hip Score 4:3

Lola had a major impact on the dogs we have today. Her head type carries an indelible stamp.  Lola was a true brood bitch and loved all puppies, not just her own.  She lived to two months from her 13th birthday and we miss her everyday. She was a solid, true workmanlike hound. 

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Kiromol Kambui 

Roseridge Regent of Matabelle  
Import Sweden
US Ch Coplyline's Broadway Danny Rose 
Sw Ch Umtali Assegai of Matabelle 
Ch Sansilver Diamond Life of Kiromol 
CH Sansilver Samuru 
Sansilver's Lion Huntress 
Diamondridge Gold Bond 

Ch Diamondridge Daredevil 
Elvesland Gandalph 
Diamondridge Kushika 
Voortrekker Lya Pompa of Diamondridge 
Roseridge Regent of Matabelle 
Ch Matabelle Mayfair