Kiromol Razzle Dazzle

Dazzle at 6 months
Dazzle at 6 months

Female ' Dazzle'

DOB Friday 13th (!) January 2012

Dazzle. Where do we start?!!  What a character she is. If you look at that little face, it says it all! She's a lovable, cheeky, funny, madcap Ridgeback who can drive you insane one minute and hopelessly in love with her the next.  You know when you've been 'Be-Dazzled'!

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
SA Ch Usakose Air of Success at Gondwana 

Aus Import
Aus Ch Jomeja Tale of the Cat  
Ch/Intl Ch Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron 
Jomeja Make Mine Red 
Aus Ch Success By Design  
Am Ch Mbadas Mhondoro of Iskandar TT  
Aus Ch Usakose Flyin First Class 
Kiromol Khaos 

Kiromol it's Now or Never 
Ch Ndege Shaka of Eilack 
Kambond Kijakazi by Kiromol 
Ir Ch Kiromol Kianga 
Ch/Ir Ch Intl Ch Imbali Kipenzi JW 
Kambond Kijakazi by Kiromol